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Art Amino – The Largest Mobile Community for Artists

As some of you know, I like to draw. I doodle and sketch whenever I can and always have paper and pencil to hand. If you like to draw too, I recommend you subscribe to MaryDoodles on YouTube. She makes great videos about drawing.  She has a brilliant personality and, of course, is a very talented artist.

While randomly browsing one of her many videos she mentioned an App that you could download called Art Amino. Where you can upload a photo of a page from your sketchbook or a work in progress and a community of likeminded artists can “like” or “heart” your work and offer positive feedback.

The cynic in me completely disregarded it at the time. Yet another social network. A community with no trolling…hmmm? But curiosity got the better of me and I needed to know. I downloaded the App for Android, but you can also get it for Apple, and within seconds I had opened an account. I uploaded a photo of a quick sketch of a bird from my sketchbook and within seconds other users were commenting on it. Incidentally, my sketch was inspired by an exercise in Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun (Lab (Quarry Books)) by Carla Sonheim.  Check it out if you struggle to make the first mark and  fear a blank page!


Screenshot (9 Nov 2015 1_15_07 p.m.)


Once you get your bearings with Art Amino, it’s very easy to explore the other features. You can

  • blog
  • create a portfolio of your favourite pieces
  • create a poll to get opinions from the community
  • ask a question
  • start a discussion
  •  just chat with other artists


Screenshot (9 Nov 2015 1_15_50 p.m.)


It’s an extremely active community and I love to just browse around the talent on display.




Art Amino is fantastic and, to me as an amateur, much more accessible than the bigger creative networks like Behancedribbble or Deviant Art. But don’t be put off by my amateur doodling, Art Amino has a strong professional following and, so far, appears to be safely monitored for inappropriate content so get junior membership for the kids and have fun!



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