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AnySharp Review

I have a nice collection of kitchen knives and every time I try to slice a tomato I think to my self I should sharpen these. The problem is that there is an art to knife sharpening. I did once sharpen them with a Japanese whetstone and honed them with the help of a friend who is slightly more expert in the craft. The results were great but when I tried to do it myself I seemed to have difficulty getting the correct angle along the length of the blade.

In searching for alternatives I found Anysharp. A foolproof way to sharpen my knives. Simply place the knife in the AnySharp at its pre-set 20-degree angle, and brush the knife with easy, light strokes. The results are amazing and it works every time.

The AnySharp knife sharpener can deal with many different types of knife. It can sharpen serrated blades as well as hardened, titanium and carbon steel blades, setting it apart from the traditional methods of knife-sharpening. Take a look at the AnySharp website for videos of Builders trowels and axes being sharpened!

Due to its small size and weight, it can be tucked away in the kitchen drawer like any other utensil, you could even PowerGrip it to your fridge or tiled kitchen wall, out of the way yet handy when you need it.

Concerned about your safety? Not to worry, as the AnySharp’s PowerGrip suction cup base will keep it secure to any worktop to prevent any slips. Both hands are then free to hold the knife and cloth to clean it and your hands are safely away from the blade.

Highly recommended kitchen tool. Get yours here.


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