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Accept that you can’t do it all right now or maybe…ever

I never get overwhelmed with my list of things to do.  I’m talking about the essential things in life that you need to do. For example, pay taxes, ensure school communication is dealt with or clean the gutters in your house and so on. You might have a litany of things to do but you can’t do all of them right now.

I think this type of work should be called ‘life work’. When the life tasks become more like work, then they are work and may cause similar amounts of stress. This means you are working all week and then doing more work at home. I’m lucky. I’m married to one of the most organised people I have met. She knows a lot about Bipolar Disorder and is so understanding that she takes on many of the tasks or, at least, is not hard on me when I haven’t lifted a finger.

I hear many people talking about multitasking. The ability to keep a number of your tasks going at the same time. But I fundamentally believe that the human brain was designed to do only one thing at a time. You may be able to switch between tasks quickly but you only have one brain. Overly switching between tasks places a great amount of stress on this vital organ.

For your health and wellbeing, I recommend slowing down.  Take time to do each task one at a time and give yourself a break between them. In my experience, focusing on one job and giving it your full attention is the most productive way to work. Just pick one task, and focus on that as the others, as urgent as they might seem, can’t possibly be done concurrently. You can delegate them, eliminate them, defer them, but you can’t do them all simultaneously.



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