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5 Top Tips to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Do you find your hair a bit thin at the temples lately? Thinning hair in men is very common but there are a few tricks to make your hair appear thicker, Ted’s Master Barbers provide 5 Top Tips to Make Your Hair Look Thicker.


Blow Your Own Tresses

Without attempting a Donald Trump mega comb over. You can get more control over your hair using a blow dryer. Don’t use too much heat or you will make it brittle and break easily. You might need to borrow one from your missus though. Nothing to be ashamed of. Your barber uses one, so you can too.

“Giving your hair a blow dry is a great way to give your hair some ‘oomph’. Your hair will need to be damp but not too wet as this will make it difficult to style with the hairdryer and you won’t be able to achieve the shape you want. Use a barrel brush if you want to create some height to your quiff and hairspray while blow drying rather than just at the end to secure your style all day long.”


Ditch The Oil

For me, oil-based products are not good. They clog hair follicles and limit growth. It may be ok on certain occasions but try to wash it out soon after.

“The biggest tip we suggest is to not use oil based hair products as these normally contain synthetic and heavy mineral oils that do more harm than good such as stripping away hair’s natural oils.” 


Wash and Wash Again

Don’t forget to wash your hair!

“Most importantly always try and remove hair product before going to sleep so your hair is clean and less prone to tangling! Generally, you should wash your hair every other day to prevent your hair getting greasy”

There are many thickening shampoos, conditioners and sprays on the market. Some contain special polymers which plump up the hair shafts to make them look fuller.


Take a trip to the Barber

In my opinion, a visit to an experienced barber is money well spent. Not only is it “man time”, it’s time with someone that understands hair. He or she can cut it to your style, including the shape of your head and face, the type of hair you have whether you have two crowns (I do). Your barber can advise you on changes in the condition of your hair, tell you off for mistreating it (like a dentist) but also develop long-term strategies for receding hair, not to mention styling it, to follow current trends in men’s fashion.



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All quotes on 5 Top Tips to Make Your Hair Look Thicker by the master barbers at Ted’s Grooming Room.

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