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Month: August 2017

BJJ Lesson 22 – Stripe Number Two

I must admit I wanted this. I felt I was ready for my second stripe and I was driven by the desire to partake in No-Gi training. That’s BJJ without wearing the traditional Gi or kimono. It is a club rule that you need a minimum of two stripes to train No-Gi. The reason being that you need some fundamental skills developed in a Gi otherwise you will use bad technique and strength/flexibility which may stall your development in No-Gi at a later date.

When my name was called I proudly jumped up and I got some very supportive congratulations from the class afterwards.  Boardshorts and rash guard ready, it was time to get stuck into No-Gi. But it’s 4 weeks later and I still haven’t attended a No-Gi class. Summer holidays got in the way and I hurt my neck/left shoulder. In that short amount of time. I’ve not been exercising and I’ve been enjoying food and drink. So first class back in the Gi and I was exhausted. Absolutely nothing in the tank. I sparred 4/5 times in the hour and it took everything out of me. The following days I had delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and couldn’t comfortably walk up or down stairs never mind do any more BJJ classes.

But rather than sit idly by, I spent my time checking out some other BJJ websites and I found this post. It’s a detailed, up-to-date 7,000-word guide on the 65 most effective BJJ techniques and it is packed with tips and advice. It was a great way for me to sum up what I know so far and I’ve bookmarked it to jump back in at a later date for a refresh. There are links to other BJJ sites for a more detailed explanation of a particular technique so I recommend you check it out!