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Month: June 2017

Laterra Artisan Harvest Speciality Sauces – Review

Laterra Artisan Harvest Speciality Sauces
Laterra Artisan Harvest Speciality Sauces

Last week’s heatwave here in the UK saw Dads across the country taking a wire brush to the grill tray of their barbeque. Mine was looking a bit worse for wear having been left exposed to the elements over winter. But a bit of elbow grease and it’s back in action. As a bit of an incentive, Laterra Artisan had sent me a selection of Laterra Artisan Harvest Speciality Sauces to accompany the usual burgers and sausages that I cook.

Laterra Artisan has created a range of sauces, marinades and dips with the authentic flavours of Mexico. Laterra, Latin for “the earth”, is a range of speciality cooking sauces, marinades and dips formulated using ingredients, methods and traditional recipes that represent various regions in Mexico. They produce high-quality 100% natural sauces that remain true to the original artisanal process, the old Mexico, full of flavour, colour & rich traditions. The bottles and jars are authentic looking so there is no need to decant if entertaining. Serve straight from the jar for that homemade feeling.

The sauces are delicious. They taste like they have been prepared by hand in a traditional Mexican kitchen. My favourite is the Chihuahua Sauce.  It’s a spicy Mexican sauce with chipotle chillies, tomato & peanuts. Many years ago we were in a restaurant in California when I first tried Chipotle. I had no idea what it was at the time but I was impetuous and covered my chicken in it. The dried Chipotle [chee-POHT-lay] Chili Pepper is a dried Jalapeño Chili . The term “Chipotle”, of Aztec descent (Chili Poctli), means Smoked Chili and was the pre-Hispanic process of drying this pepper.

Laterra sauces are produced by Alimentos Mayorga in Queretaro, Mexico and were introduced to the UK during “2015 The Year of Mexico in the UK”. Most products are available at Whole Foods Markets, select delis and are soon to be online with To keep up to date with developments at Laterra Artisan Harvest Speciality Sauces follow them on Twitter @laterraartisan  or follow Laterra Artisan on Instagram for great photography and links to recipes.

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